How to sell my software to a company

14 Tips for Selling Software and Services Online Having a great app or service doesn' t guarantee success. Following a disciplined go to market strategy is best for your company. How to sell my software to a company. How do you get your software or digital offering in front of buyers? So if a Software company generates $ 350, 000 in profit, and is estimated to sell at 2. Oooh, that' s a nice question, and I feel eligible to provide an answer as we' ve been selling jOOQ for the last two years to companies ( it was an all- free Open Source product before). How to Sell Software. The transaction metrics ( i. Working with one buyer limits your negotiating leverage and probably reduces your company s potential value.

Software company owners looking to sell their companies are often inspired to start the process after reading about the latest high profile, stratospheric acquisition price paid by a large tech bell weather company. Whether you' re selling software you' ve made yourself, a software product for a major corporation, or Software as a Service ( Saas), you' ll need to follow a few basic principles in order to get your product into the. Here is a quick summary of how much software companies were worth in terms of multiples over the past 5 years: Average 2. 5x multiple, then the business is predicted to sell for approximately $ 875, 000. It gives you the chance to involve many potential buyers, gauge the real market value of your company, and negotiate to get the best terms. , transaction value to sales or transaction value to EBIT) sometimes defy all logic.

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